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Youth Wrestling Information

Thank you for your interest in the Fort Mill Youth Wrestling Program. The following information will help you better prepare for this wrestling season.

The Fort Mill Youth Wrestling Program will kick off on Nov. 7th at 6:30pm with an informational and registration meeting at Fort Mill High School.

The program is open to ages 5-12 or K-6th grade and operates under AAU and SCYWA (SC Youth Wrestling Association) regulation.  Practices will be held two nights per week from 7:00pm to 8:15pm.  Optional tournaments are held on Saturdays. For more information contact Chris Brock at Fort Mill High School (brockc@fortmillschools.org), or go to the Fort Mill Wrestling website.

Practice days will be based on the number of participants and the competition schedule. Participants will receive a participation award. Wrestlers and parents can choose which competitions in which they would like to participate. Some events are very low key and geared toward beginners, while others are at a more competitive level. Gym shorts and T-shirts are required for practice. Wrestling shoes are suggested. Singlet/uniforms are optional for most events and required for tournaments and duals. Practice schedule follows Fort Mill School District’s schedule.

Practice Schedule:

6:50pm – Youth wrestlers arrive and start a short warm-up in the hallways.  Wrestlers should not enter wrestling room unless to quickly drop off  bag or shoes.  Coaches will supervise.

7:00pm – Wrestlers report to wrestling room.  As youth wresters enter the room, they should not go on the mats.  Sit quietly, change shoes, observe, etc…

7:05pm – Middle School wrestlers move off the mats.  Youth wrestlers on the mats.

Registration fee is $55.00.  Checks can be made out to the Fort Mill Wrestling Foundation.

South Carolina Youth Wrestling Association