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Youth Wrestling Information

There will be a parent meeting/registration on Monday, November 7th at 6:00pm in the FMHS Wrestling Room.

Practices will be held at FMHS in the Wrestling Room (adjacent to gymnasium) beginning on Monday, November 14th.

Thank you for your interest in the Fort Mill Youth Wrestling Club and Camp.  The following information will help you better prepare for the 2022-2023 season.

  • Registration is $50.00. Checks or credit card payment to FMHS/ABC
    follow Registration Form link on the right)


  • Wrestlers who compete in tournaments must purchase a SCYWA membership. Information can be found at www.scyouthwrestling.net


  • SCYWA membership is not required for those not competing in events


  • Parent Meeting…. Monday. Nov. 7th 6:00 PM. FMHS Wrestling Room


  • Practices will be held in the FMHS Wrestling Room (adjacent to the gymnasium) beginning Monday, November 14th

  • Practices are Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00pm to 8:15pm.  Days could vary depending on number and experience levels of participants


  • Wrestlers will be grouped according to age, weight, and competitive level


  • Wrestlers and parents can decide if and what events they would like to enter. Some events are very low key and geared toward beginners, while others are at a more competitive level. Some choose only the Monday/Thursday practices


  • Practice schedule follows Fort Mill School District concerning cancellations, etc..

Practice Schedule:

  • 6:50…Youth wrestlers arrive and start a short warm-up in hallways. Wrestlers should not enter the wrestling room unless to quickly drop off a bag or shoes.  Coaches supervise


  • 7:00… Wrestlers report to the wrestling room. As youth wrestlers enter the room, they should not go on the mats. Sit quietly, change shoes, observe, etc…


  • 7:05…Middle school wrestlers move off mats.  Rec. wrestlers on mats


Chris Brock….. brockc@fortmillschools.org

Fort Mill Youth Wrestling email…. thewrestlingmill@gmail.com

SCYWA… www.scyouthwrestling.net

Information Available……www.thewrestlingmill.net

Facebook…Fort Mill Wrestling

Twitter…Fort Mill Wrestling

Instagram…. Fort Mill Wrestling

Registration fee is $50.00.  SCYWA membership is NOT REQUIRED for those NOT COMPETING in events.

South Carolina Youth Wrestling Association