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Youth Wrestling Parent Letter

Youth Wrestling Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

My name is Mitchell Alston, coach of the Fort Mill Youth Wrestling Team. I am excited to begin preparing for
another season and build off the growth and success we had last year. With our varsity team winning the 5A state championship last year, I know we will keep the momentum moving forward! This is going to be my 5 th year as the head coach of the youth program and with the help of some of the coaches, we are bringing in a more organized and efficient process to get the most out of our time together.

Fort Mill Wrestling has a motto, “Building Champions for Life”. Most of our coaches (myself included) have come
through the Fort Mill Wrestling Program. It was in this program that we learned to love the sport and want to give back to a program that made us successful in life. That is our goal for all levels of wrestling starting with youth all the way up to the varsity level. We will continue to work with your kids and develop them to not only become competitive wrestlers, but better young men and women.

Whether your kid is wrestling for the first time or has been wrestling for years, there are several things we want to focus on during the season: respect, hard work and dedication.


  • Pay attention and listen to coaches, no interrupting.
  • Sportsmanship, we need to learn to be good partners and be a good sport in the process.
  • Learn to be on-time for practice and ready to work once we walk onto the mat
  • We have some of the best facilities in the state! We need to make sure we are taking care of the mats
  • and walls in the wrestling room.

Hard Work:

  • Wrestling is one of the toughest sports in the world but is also the most rewarding.
  • We get a short amount of time each practice and want to make sure we get the most out of it.
  • Wrestling is not like a lot of other youth sports. We will be doing sprints, push-ups, sit ups and other conditioning.


  • We want to develop eager, confident and motivated kids.
  • While winning is fun and no one likes to lose, we want to focus on developing and growing into
  • competitive wrestlers. We want wrestlers who want to learn more and sharpen their skills.
  • We want all kids to get involved wrestling competitively at tournaments to gain experience. We don’t
  • expect everyone to go undefeated or go to every tournament, but we want everyone to gain valuable
  • experience.

We are very excited for the upcoming season and getting the opportunity to build off of last year’s success. If you
have any other questions, you can reach me at fmywrestling@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you and
your wrestlers in an effort to build champions for life.

-Coach Mitchell Alston